SIS: Friend of Vietnamese shrimp farmers for 20 years

As the premier shrimp breeding company for around 20 years, SIS is the world’s leading provider of shrimp broodstock. Its products has been maintaining shrimp farmers’ loyaltiy in Vietnam.Vietnam Fisheries Magazine caught up with David Leong, General Director; Kenneth Tay, Director Sales and Marketing and Harris Wright Research and Development at SIS.

Good morning sir,can you kindly describe about SIS Company in general and SIS Singapore in details?

Founded in 1998-20 years of commercial genetic improvement and research. SIS’s mission is to provide best performing, selectively bred, Specific Pathogen Free (SPF),and Specific Pathogen Resistant (SPR) stocks of Penaeus vannamei to the aquaculture industry.

Singapore is a BMC, one of SIS’3 facilities that receives selected broodstock PLs for rearing to maturity since 2005. Operating at a max 80,000 broodstock peryear, exporting to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and China.

What makes you opassionate about shrimp breeding as well as SIS brand?

It is what we do. We have a team of scientists and technicians who are passionate to the improvement and quality of our broodstock. Many of our team members have been in the industry for over 20 years, we absolutely adore the work and feel are sponsibility to continue to improve shrimp aquaculture in the world.

SIS produces genetically improved and vannamei shrimp brood stock with more than 20 years, hence,what are the advantages of SIS?

In a nutshell that is one of our biggest advantages. There are not many shrimp breeders, if any, which can boast the track record and commitment of SIS genetic program. The in-depth knowledge of the biology and heritability of traits is unique. It allows us develop product rapidly, consistently in high quality.

There is an opinion regarding the quality of SIS shrimp broodstock in Singapore is not the same (not as good) as the brood stock in USA, can you clarify this opinion?

All SIS broodstock no matter the SIS BMC are of the same genetic quality and thus we expect very similar performances out of broodstock regardless of the SIS BMC.We would like to encourage people not to be skeptical about Singapore quality. In fact, we have done tracking of performance for ourbroodstock from both Singapore & Hawaii. We do have track records of Singaporebroodstock performing well in both hatcheries & farms.

When clients select the shrimp brood stock, what elements should be considered?

When selecting a brood stock supplier, make sure they have a documented history pertaining to Diseases, Performance, and Consistency.You also need to ask yourself if you are ready to receive and culture and breed these broodstock in such a way that allows the performance characters to be expressed in a manner so both hatchery and farmer are profitable. Considering these factors will help to minimize your risks.

As one of the world’s leading provider of shrimp brood stock, can you please tell us what is the mission of SIS in Vietnam?

S IS ’  mission is to provide best-performing, selectively bred, and Specific Pathogen Free (SPF), and Specific Pathogen Resistant (SPR) stocks of PenaeusVannamei to the worldwide aquaculture industry.

  • Working together with the Vietnamese industry to grow sustainably, improving the lives of the individuals who are invested in this business, to assist the industry in its mission to become a global leader in shrimp production.

Would you please describe more about SIS’s breeding products and its effective to Vietnamese market?

Increased R&D efforts and capabilities SIS will be betterable to adjust to the changing environment farming condition in Vietnam. Hence giving more success. SIS has always felt maturation / hatchery performance and pond performance are key characteristics to simultaneously improve.We understand the importance for fast growing shrimp and pond survivals and not to sacrifice hatchery performance and reproductive traits.

What are the opportunities and challenges of SIS’s shrimp brood stock when

Penetrating in Vietnamese market?

The opportunity is there is room for improvement on both sides of the equation, working the issue from two sides we can get to the solution faster in a much more sustainable manner. With government support and a set target we have a predetermined direction, goal is to double the size of the industry. The big challenge will be the ever changing global ecological environment. As culture environment changes there is always

an adjustment period. As production increases, the land is taxed, as more people enter, there is a learning curve and disconnection at times creating a domino effect. This leads to new diseases it takes many generations to overcome them.

In Vietnam, the shrimp brood stock is facing many challenges, as an expert in this field (aquatic species), do you have any advice?

Yes, BIOSECURITY in all aspect, and length of culture of the broodstock. Along with embracing new and improved genetics, farmers must embrace new farming technology as well as improved biosecurity practices.

The shrimp industry in Vietnam has grown dramatically in the recent years, what are the targets of SIS in Vietnam?

Our target is to have the best overall performing animal. Producing the best animals to support the Vietnam market, assisting Vietnam to achieve their 2020 export target.

The brood stock market is getting more focuses in Vietnam, so how does the SIS policy for hatcheries / farmers in Vietnam?

SIS‘s policy is to continuously engage with both the hatcheries and farmers to improve their production capabilities, enhance technologies and profitability.

How do you assess the potential of the aquaculture in dustry in Vietnam?

Very good, experienced, unite dingenious farmers who work together for success. Backed by the government this is an economic and political environment for sustained growth. Vietnam is doing well, and if they continue to innovate and improve, the country’s aqua sector will thrive. Excellent farmers, farming environment, and along costline are already in place for sustained continued development.


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